M  Y     S   T  O  R  Y 


Born in Enschede, the Netherlands in 1946.

Self-taught man.

Since January 2002 I was, together with my

wife Anneke, living in Feerwerd. In 2017 we

moved to Oldehove in the province

Groningen, in the Netherlands.  

During my whole life I have been drawing

and painting. 

End sixties of the last century I visited an

art-circle. That was in Apeldoorn,

 where I lived at that time. This circle was

under the guidance of the artist Gabi


At that time I mostly worked in an abstract


After the removal to Groningen (1973) the

artistic work, changed direction.

Under the influence of  the artist Jan van der Scheer, developed more and more in a realistic way.In the period 1973 up to 1990 I made drawings, etchings and watercolours.The watercolour-painting in 1990 made room for the painting in acryl.From that moment beside it I kept within bounds in making pencil drawings.These drawings mostly are worked out so far that, besides as a study for an acryl-painting, they are an independent piece of work.My subjects mostly concern (and concerned) the quiet landscape. I find my subjects in the northern provinces of the Netherlands, the islands Schiermonnikoog and Ameland, in France, Danmark, Sweden and since some years in Ireland.