Most drawings are made in pencil, some in pen en ink. There are different types of pencils for drawing. I use graphit pencils.

The difference between the types of pencils is seen in the type of lead in the pencil. Most pencils use a system that gauges the hardness (written as H) of the lead to how black the mark the lead makes (written as B). Not too hard (H) and not too black (B) – we we call an HB pencil, and the HB pencil is the middle of the hardness to blackness scale. The hardest lead in a pencil is a 9H pencil, the middle lead is HB (or No. 2),  and the blackest lead is a 9B pencil.

My drawings concern the landscape and objects in nature. The objects are buildings, trees, and animals. I find most of my subjects  in the wadden region of the provinces Groningen en Friesland and also in Denmark.

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