drawings landscapes

Slenking, dunes, salt marshes, dune polders, are my favorite subjects.
Many of the drawings have been worked out in a watercolor, acrylic or oil painting


slenk, 14 bij 14 cm


Meander bij Beswerd

meander bij Beswerd

                                                     slenk, schiermonnikoog,  (part. coll. )

                                                                            Slenk Schiermonnikoog

Slenk, 18 bij 30 cm

aan de wadkant, 45 bij 15 cm

slenk, schiermonnikoog

slenk, schiermonnikoog

dune, Ameland

dike near Garnwerd

naer Bengterud, Sweden

near Sellingen, pen and ink drawing

five willows

                                near Hekkum


dune Slettestrand

dune Nord Jylland

dike house, Noordpolder

dune, Slettestrand

harbour schiermonnikoog

   polder noord Groningen, ( coll. museum Mohlmann )

church Fransum

                                                Monclus, France

near Doohooma

near Morgelas